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Interpretation Boards and Interactive Multimedia

Welcome to Nicebrook Multimedia. We supply interpretation boards and interactive multimedia software to wildlife conservation bodies, councils, visitor attractions, industry and others.

Interpretation boards are also commonly known as interpretive boards or panels or, in the case of wildlife conservation bodies, wildlife signs. For all such displays we can supply original graphics and artwork as digital files ready for printing. Alternatively, we can deliver the printed interpretation boards alone, or combined with a display mount system such as a lectern mount.

Interactive multimedia publications can be created for information such as at visitor centre displays or for education such as for visiting school groups and workshops. Interactive training software can be created for industry either as an induction resource or for continued professional development of your personnel.

Each product is uniquely tuned to your site, visitors and subject.

We are specialists in artwork, software development, natural history and education. You may find other companies with the competence to produce either artwork or software to our high standards but few, if any, have the combination of skills we have. A combination that is necessary to achieve the end-product you need.

We believe our small company service and the quality and value for money of our products sets us apart from the competition.

Should you require more information about our interpretation panels, interactive multimedia software, or other products and services, please to not hesitate to contact us.

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